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Career Guidance

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    Are you looking for help choosing your subjects for Grade 10 or are you in Grade 11 or 12 and looking to make career decisions.
  • Career Development
    Lynn Crossland
Career Development

Career Development

Career Development Assessment available for Grade 11 + 12 learners looking to make higher education choices

Subject Choice

Subject Choice

Career Development Assessment available for Grade 9 learners looking to make subject choices.



Interested to find out what sort of testing we offer, have a look at some of the options.

Make Career Decisions that work

Career decisions are not one-off affairs.

Good career choices are made over a period of time as you mature personally and develop career maturity. The two do not necessarily happen simultaneously. Some people have a level of career maturity and insight to enable them to make sound career choices in their mid-teens while others might make them a fair bit later.

Many people try out a number of options before finding out their real career niche in midlife. Effective career guidance is essential if you are to make wise and informed career decisions.

Most career guidance involves a combination of some psychometric testing with lots of talking (narrative). While the psychometric tests give one valuable insight in a variety of areas, it is the time spent talking about these results, as well as one’s dreams and aspirations, that enables one to derive the maximum benefit from career assessment.


Have a look at some of the testing options we offer.

Measurement of seven areas of core aptitude; personality; interests; and values plus in-depth interview.

Measurement of personality, interests, and values plus in-depth interview. This takes about 3 1/2 hours. Followed on a later date by a one-hour feedback appointment with printed report.

Gives personality insight to underpin an in-depth interview and to assist in career decision making. This provides useful insights in making subject choice decisions or for the learner who has a fair idea of what they would like to do.

We will be continuing to practice using online assessment platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Psychometrists are recognized by government as Essential Service Providers, in the interests of physical distancing and reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 as much as possible, face-to-face appointments may only be arrange if deemed necessary for specific reasons.