Make Career Decisions that work:

Career decisions are not one-off affairs. Good career choices are made over a period of time as you mature personally and develop career maturity. The two do not necessarily happen simultaneously. Some people have a level of career maturity and insight to enable them to make sound career choices in their mid-teens while others might make them a fair bit later. Many people try out a number of options before finding out their real career niche in midlife. Effective career guidance is essential if you are to make wise and informed career decisions. Most career guidance involves a combination of some psychometric testing with lots of talking (narrative). While the psychometric tests give one valuable insight in a variety of areas, it is the time spent talking about these results, as well as one’s dreams and aspirations, with a trained and experienced counsellor, that enables one to derive the maximum benefit from career assessment.

Adult & post school assessment, counselling, and coaching (with Annette)
  for recruitment; making further study decisions; re-entry into the job market; quarter-life or mid-life career change
Retirement counselling and coaching (with Annette)
Employee Coaching for corporate clients (with Annette)
  Individual coaching for private clients
Grade 11 & 12 Learners (with Lynn)
  Career counselling and tertiary education guidance
Grade 9 (with Lynn)
  subject choice consultation
Divorce Mediation (with Annette & Allan)
  designing of effective parenting plans (FAMAC Accredited)

An informed career choice rests on:

  • Knowledge of yourself (your aptitudes, personality, interests, and values)
  • Knowledge of the world of work and what is marketable
  • The ability to weigh up the options and to make an optimum decision